What is a personalised login and how does it work?

To be able to use RPNZ and Classic RPNZ you’ll need to create a personalised login

Personalised logins allow you to have a unique login, meaning you won’t need to share your login with others in your team. You can decide what your username is eg. firstname.lastname, and your password.

Everybody in your team will have their own unique login also, letting you continue to work without getting bumped off RPNZ by others.

Having your own login doesn’t mean that everyone in your agency can be logged into RPNZ and Classic RPNZ at once. The number of logins that can use RPNZ and Classic RPNZ at one time will depend on the concurrent sessions allowed as part of your subscription plan.

If all concurrent sessions are in use and someone tries to login they will be told that all sessions are in use and they can’t login right now.

How do I get a personalised login?

Each RPNZ subscription account has a designated administrator. You’ll need to see your designated administrator so that an email invite can be sent to your email address inviting you to create your own personalised login. 

Simply click on the link in the email invite and follow the on screen instructions to complete the new user sign-up form.

You can do so much more with a personalised login and RPNZ:

  • Customise and arrange your own home page to best suit your working style.
  • Keep ahead with property watch alerts - set up our property monitor tool to work for you. Be one step ahead of the rest and receive proactive alerts telling you the market changes and activity that are saved with your personalised login.
  • Allow the ‘Find your next Listing’ tool to do the hard work for you.  This simple and easy prospecting tool will find potential leads on properties statistically more likely to go on the market in the near future.
  • Use the RPNZ iPhone App to give you access to RPNZ while you are on the go - giving you an effective information tool wherever you are. Please note that the RPNZ iPhone App can only be accessed by one personalised login per iPhone or iPad device. Download RPNZ iPhone App.
  • Present interactively with our iPad presentation tool - RPNZ Lister - to win you more listings. Please note that the RPNZ Lister iPad App can only be accessed by one personalised login per iPad device. Download RPNZ Lister iPad App.

Training and support

RPNZ is easy to use, however we provide plenty of support. To help you we offer:

  • Online tutorial videos – these are located under the help menu. All of the videos are less than three minutes long and focus on different topics.
  • Quick Start Guides – these guides are one to two pages long and are designed to get you started.
  • Online training sessions – an easy and convenient way to learn about RPNZ without leaving your desk.
  • Onsite training – if you and your team require onsite training please contact us on 0800 82 55 78 to discuss availability and pricing .

Want more info?

For more information about personalised logins please see your designated administrator or contact our Customer Support Team on 0800 82 55 78 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .