Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Reports


Smarter reporting. Sharper looking.

Look more professional with customisable reports.

PremiumCMA is exactly that, a premium Comparative Market Analysis product that allows you to create a more professional report to suit your exact needs. Make the best first impression from the cover page onwards.

Offering you more customisation than ever before, PremiumCMA has a range of features that allow you to position yourself even further as the local expert.

Stay a step ahead with smarter looking CMAs. Watch the video now.

Get premium results.

Giving you endless opportunities to add your own touches and reduce your overall admin time, PremiumCMA lets you:

  • Add any information you like, such as a personal bio or testimonials, with the document editor – and the look and feel of your CMA will be applied to any content you add ensuring your report is consistent and polished
  • Use or edit the franchise themes and cover pages that have been set up for you
  • Create your own theme from scratch to make yourself stand out
  • Integrate your local knowledge with our extended range of property information by adding your own recent comparable sales and listings
  • Show off your local knowledge by adding notes to any property
  • Get an automated recommended appraisal price based off the preselected comparable sold and on the market properties – and it’s updated whenever you make a change to the selected properties
  • See how your report is shaping up at every step before you export it to PDF
  • Upload your own photo to ensure you capture a property in the best light and impress prospective vendors with the little details.

Please note: PremiumCMA comes at an additional cost to your subscription fee.


Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Our CMA report builder allows you to create a professional looking report that incorporates comparative recent sales and properties currently on the market to help you and your client set a price for their home. You can also include market statistics, demographic information, and property news in your CMA report.

You can create, edit and save your report as a Word document and add any additional pages you would like to include in your CMA. You can also create and save your report as a PDF.

Our CMA reports are automatically saved while you create them - making it easier for you to return later to complete. CMA reports are saved until the end of the day they were created on.

All subscription plans have access to our CMA report builder.

Want to know more?

We want you to succeed. Therefore, we have free online training and ongoing support available when you need it.

To find out more about our CMA reporting options, including PremiumCMA, please contact our Customer Support Team on 0800 82 55 78 or email us via our online contact form.