RPNZ Lister

The professional property presentation tool to win you more listings.

Win more listings with RPNZ’s iPad App RPNZ Lister - an interactive presentation tool that allows you to engage with vendors, combining your local expertise with RPNZ’s property information.

RPNZ Lister offers iPad access to all the tools you need to establish your credentials, present market comparisons and engage with vendors.

Having RPNZ Lister at your disposal, you become the agent with the solutions. Guide your vendor through every step of their listing journey and be the expert with instant answers and informative reports.

Using RPNZ’s property information and the flexibility to let you control the conversation, RPNZ Lister helps agents present interactive property content to educate and inform vendors so they can confidently decide on an appropriate listing price for their property.

RPNZ Lister is free and available to current RPNZ subscribers.

Available on the App Store Download your free RPNZ Lister iPad App now and use your personalised login and password to get started.

Why use RPNZ Lister?

  • Assist your vendor to understand their property’s value in their current market, in a dynamic and consultative manner.
  • Discuss local market conditions with your vendor while displaying integrated listings and sales.
  • Present recent sales and properties on the market for your vendor’s suburb.
  • Create your presentations quickly and easily for last-minute appointments.
  • Email a summary report directly to the vendor straight from the App.

Take a look at how easy it is...

Establish your credentials

  • Establish your credibility as a local expert to the vendor.
  • Present your recent sales wins to your vendor.
  • Add an impressive video to your presentation.

Demonstrate the market activity for the area

  • Set expectations by presenting recent sales and properties on the market for your vendor’s suburb.
  • Determine your sales and marketing strategy based on competitor and market activity.
Demonstrate market activity Demonstrate market activity

Display and present your vendor's property

  • Kick-start the conversation with your vendor and establish what’s important to them.
  • Tour and appraise your vendor’s property and record its features as you go.
  • Create a room-by-room breakdown of the property and its features.
  • Prepare a pre-listing “check-list” of actions for the vendor to undertake before they list their property (e.g. repair, paint, de-clutter etc).

Interactively position your vendor’s property value with Price SetterTM

  • Our Price SetterTM feature helps vendors to interactively position their property value in the local market. The vendor can subjectively rate their property in comparison to similar local properties which you present.
  • Let the vendor make an informed price setting decision based on your clearly-presented evidence.
  • Agree the listing price range for the property.
Vendor's property Demonstrate market activity

How can I start using RPNZ Lister iPad App?

Available on the App StoreSimply go to the Apple App Store and search for ‘RPNZ Lister’. Download the application and use your personalised login and password to get started.

Offer your expertise to property vendors by presenting all the information they need to sell. RPNZ Lister has flexibility to gather this information from any location.

RPNZ Lister is easy to use however if you require any help please refer to RPNZ Lister Help found under ‘Help?’ in the main menu when you are logged into the App, or you can view it here.

Want more info or a demo?

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of how RPNZ can help you, contact us on 0800 82 55 78 or email via our online contact form.