Real property intelligence

Gain a competitive edge with property information and intelligence from RPNZ

RPNZ is provided to give real estate salespeople and valuers access to a wide range of property information.

Why choose us?

Greater prospecting - our on the market (OTM) data allows you to find properties that are currently for sale - mail merge this data with telephone numbers to improve your prospecting. Use our Find your next Listing tools to easily target houses most likely to list soon, withdrawn listings, or houses that have been listed for more than 60 days.

Free online training and ongoing support - to help you maximise the value you receive from RPNZ we offer free online training and ongoing customer support.

Personal service - our team is focused on helping you and your business.

New technology - we are continually investing in new technology to make RPNZ even easier to use and provide you with more capabilities.

Great value - we’ve got different subscription plans to suit your business needs.

What do you get?

PremiumCMA report - look more professional with customisable reports.  PremiumCMA is exactly that, a premium Comparative Market Analysis product that offers you more customisation than ever before allowing you to create a more professional report. Read more about our PremiumCMA.

CMA report - win more business with our professional CMA report that has all the information you need to provide a potential client. You can customise your CMA with your agency branding and individual agent details, and use our filters to select comparable properties you want to include. Read more about our CMA report.

Prospector - increase your number of listings and sales with Prospector. It allows you to find properties that are currently on the market and view their advertising history. Use our On the Market (OTM) data, telephone numbers, and mail merge function to build your leads with more targeted marketing. Read more about Prospector.

Find Your Next Listing - turn your prospect leads into listings.  This simple and easy prospecting tool will find potential leads on properties statistically more likely to go on the market in the near future. Including withdrawn listings and listings over 60 days, this tool allows you to give your marketing activities more focus - saving you time and delivering better results. Read more about Find your Next Listing.

Recent sales - ensure you have the latest sales information available. Know what’s going on in your market as it happens so you can provide your customers with an accurate picture of the market and the value of their property. Read more about Recent sales.

Interactive mapping - our mapping function allows you to overlay property data onto cadastral maps and aerial photographs for a specified area. You can visually see what’s happening in an area of interest. RPNZ also integrates Google Maps and Street View, and Microsoft Live Maps.

Training and support - our free online training and ongoing support ensures you’re getting the most value out of RPNZ. Read more about Training and support.

Want more info or a demo?

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of how RPNZ can help you, contact us on 0800 355 355 or email us via our online contact form.

Smarten Up… grow your success with RPNZ

  • When you’re being evaluated by a prospective client -
    • How smart do you look?
    • How well do you stand out from the competition?
  • It’s a fact, Looking Smart is part of being successful. We can make you look smarter and grow your success. Here’s how…

Our CMA Reports are smart and professional

Consistently displays agency branding, provides agents details and gives agents control to select their own comparable properties. Agents who want the flexibility to expand their CMA’s  with personal content can easily do so with our export and editing functions.

We’re about success

All RPNZ subscribers access all our features without extra hidden costs and with free online training and ongoing support. RPNZ supports our subscribers to succeed…

…if you want to find out more about how we’ve smartened up and what we can offer you, please contact us on 0800 355 355 or email us via our online contact form.