Title & Legal Document Ordering

The most up-to-date information available.

Whether you need legal documents to satisfy REAA recommendations for listing documentation, secure a sale, research potential investments, or verify potential clients, accessing the most up-to-date Certificate of Title or legal documents available on a property is critical, and that is exactly what you get through CoreLogic. Don’t make do with scans or old versions of titles; with CoreLogic you’ll get the correct legal document the first time.

Ordering your legal documents through CoreLogic means you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

• Speed: Our dedicated documents team and priority service ensures you’ll usually receive an ordered legal document between 10 - 30 minutes during working hours.
• Accuracy: CoreLogic offers a highly accurate and reliable legal document ordering service. We have immediate access to millions of land records and process thousands of orders each month, such as property titles, related land documents and survey records.
• Order now, pay later with simple cost tracking: Track who has ordered which document and when, so that the monthly bill can be easily reconciled.
• Easy ordering: Our powerful search technology utilises CoreLogic's superior address matching to help you search for, and find, the legal documents you need by simply searching an address and clicking ‘Order this title’/’Buy a Title Document’.
• Cost-effectiveness: Our titles and legal documents ordering service is a premium offering, with competitive rates that allows you to get it right first time.
• Support: Experienced property information call centre, our knowledgeable staff can support you with any complicated title searches such as cross lease, units and apartments with complicated issues usually resolved within minutes.

 Start saving time and money by ordering legal documents the smart way, from the experts in property information. Call us on 0800 355 355 to learn how easy it is to start ordering your legal documents through CoreLogic.